Project 365 (2012-2013) ~ Alžběta Pilařová

Project 365 (2012-2013)

A year in pictures = Project 365

Every creative needs a little push from time to time. One option is to do some challenge. There is a lot of those. I chose Project 365.
From autumn 2012 to 2013 I have been taking casual everyday shots. Each day one picture = Project 365.
Do you think that i tis easy? Try it and we’ll see. A lot of people starts it but never finishes. It is said that it takes 21 days to form a habit, after that it should be easier to do it, more automatic. But not everyone get through those 21 days. You have to take a camera every day, press the trigger and take a picture (many of my students weren’t able to get through a one week! Even they had something more important,)

Why do such challenges?

I need them. From time to time, I just need that little kick. I love to take photos but not everytime I’m able to make them that often, so I created an opportunity, a reason to make, to create. It is great opportunity to better yourself, to experiment, try new thinks. I didn’t want to have same photos every day so I had to try different angles,…

What do I do with those shots?

I printed them and put them in special box. I made a preset to make them same size. Now I have a box of 365 photos that I can stroll through and look back – who I was back then, where I was, with whom,… a lot of experiences and memories.

Another projects

I finished another Project 365 in 2015-2016. I wanted it to be a bit different so I made myself a list of themes that I had to get through each month… but I speak about in another article. After this one I participated in project 100 days of summer – it was great too.
I’m looking forward to other projects like these.

Last 5 weeks

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