Portrait photography

Basic collection

perfect for individuals, boudoir, portraits

  • 10 retouched photographs digital
  • 10 printed photographs on paper 10x15 cm
  • 10 printed photographs on paper 30x20 cm

Popular collection

perfect for couples, small families

  • 20 retouched photographs digital
  • 20 printed photographs on paper 10x15 cm
  • 20 printed photographs on paper 30x20 cm
  • professional make-up

Luxury collection

perfect or famillies

  • 30 retouched photographs digital
  • 30 printed photographs on paper 10x15 cm
  • 30 printed photographs on paper 30x20 cm
  • professional make-up Feature
  • Small album with your photographs



When you choose your collection, you’ll receive an invoice with a reservation deposit – it’s 40% of full price. This deposit is irreversible.


You will choose your photographs immediately after a photo session or later through an online gallery. I will edit only these photographs.


Chosen photos will be edited and retouched. I edit colors, exposition, crop, and retouch skin, reflections, bruises, background.
You’ll get great retouched photos in JPG.

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Business headshots | portraits

  • Do you need two or three formal photos for your LinedIn profile or CV? In that case, this is something for you.
  • Photoshoot will take about half an hour
  • You’ll bring 1-3 clothe changes
  • You’ll get 4 retouched photos in digital format in print quality and resized for web

Cena: 1000 CZK /

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ID photography

  • Do you need an ID photo? Picture for a driving licence, passport
  • Come to my studio
  • It’ll take only few minutes
  • I don’t print photos in my studio, printing will take approximately 2 working days

Cena: 150 CZK/

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+420 737814204


I’m not printing photos in my studio.

Prints on paper:

  • 10×15 30 CZK
  • 20×30 (A4) 90 CZK
  • 30×40 (A3) 200 CZK

Editing and retouching of photographs:

from 250 CZK/pc

Photobook, Album

I can prepair and print you a book with pictures that we do together. 
Small book is 21×18 cm, has 22 pages.

2 500 Kč

Why do you need to let me prepare your book?

People often say that they will make their own photobook or album but 95% of them never do.

I like the book prepartion process. I studies computer graphics and am an artist, so let me do my job and enjoy the finisihed product! 🙂


New pricing 11.7.2017


Alžběta Pilařová - portrétní fotografka - zachování vzpomínek

Business headshots

ID picture

dokladová fotografie, průkaz, id, pas

Printed work

Tisk fotografií nad rámec kolekce