Studio – my beggings and what changed

Home studio

I made my first studio in garage. I was freshman in collage (2011), I didn’t have a driving licence so if I wanted to shoot, someone had to take the car out of the garage. I had some long sticks on which I put my fabric or paper background and took photos.
I used construction halogen lights. At the beginning I had two of those, one was stronger. I used white photographic umbrellas to defuse the light.
garage studionudes in garage 2012my bachelory portraits 2013mymy bachelory portraits 2013

Shooting in living room

In garage there was cold so If it was possible, I shoot in our living room – in my parents living room. Backdrop was taped on bookcase and I combined natural light with halogens.
These nudes were made there:
akty z obývákuakty z obývákuakty z obýváku

Studio in my living room

I moved to separate flat in my parents house in autumn 2013. So my studio was there instead of the living room. Another year I shoot with my halogens. But then I bought my first external flash and in January 2014 I become a freelancer. I didn’t shoot portrait back then (to make money).
In December 2014 I bought a studio flash and softboxes. So my studio finaly started looking like one.
ateliér v obývákuateliér v obýváku

I use studio flash 600 Ws a external flashes Nissin di866 and Yongnuo YN460. I don’t use permanent lights very often.

studiový blesk t 600dstudiový blesk t 600d


I bought my studio gear at so I used theirs photos.